Discover Magnetic Resonance Therapy and...

✔ Find New Patients
✔ Improve their Health
✔ Build a Cash-based Annuity

Get Started for as Little as $200!

Our system is a financial "no-brainer" for the clinician. Offered as a "cash pay" service to your patients at $60-$100/hr, our system allows you to break even at one patient per week and become profitable at only two!

Staff Driven

A patient's one hour session in our system takes your staff less than 5 minutes to operate. Designed as a cloud-based device, the Magnesphere™ requires very little "attended time", and can therefore be added to your practice without any additional staff. Your patients will enjoy a comfortable relaxation session, in which they can read, rest or even sleep.

Cash Annuity

When you're successful, and reduce your patient's pain, they stop making appointments. The key to a lifetime of therapy, is making it accessible and affordable by selling your patients a system for their home. This option gives you a cash pay "annuity" that continues to build as you grow your practice.

The Magnesphere™ is intended to enhance feelings of relaxation, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.