Discover How Magnetic Resonance Can Improve Your Patient's Health and Your Cash-Flow


A patient's one hour session in our system takes your staff less than 5 minutes to operate. Designed as a cloud-based device, the Magnesphere™ requires very little "attended time", and can therefore be added to your practice without any additional staff. Your patients will enjoy a comfortable relaxation session, in which they can read, rest or even sleep. Their whole-body immersion into our uniform, naturally occurring magnetic fields will enhance their relaxation response and provide you another tool to assist in your quest to improving their health.

25 years of Science and Research

The Relaxation Response and its ability to address any number of the symptoms associated with chronic stress is not only well understood, it is also an important modality in the battle to attain and then retain a healthy state for your patients. Dr. Jacobson, as well as independent principle investigators from Universities such as Cornell, Fairleigh Dickinson, and the University of Oklahoma, have studied magnetic fields for over 25 years and had amazing results that identify specific biologic effects of Dr. Jacobson's very precise, physiologic electromagnetic fields.

Get Started for as Little as $200!

Our system is a financial "no brainer" for the clinician. Offered as a "cash pay" service to your patients at $60-$100/hr, our system allows you to break even at less than one patient per day and become profitable at only two! Additionally, we guarantee your success by providing you with training during "Magneceutical University" -- our online, 1 month program that takes your staff less than one hour a week. We also provide state of the art marketing programs and materials at no extra cost!

When you're successful, and reduce your patient's pain, they stop making appointments. The key to a lifetime of therapy, is making it accessible and affordable by selling your patients a system for their home. As a healthcare provider with a clinical unit, you are the only one who can sell units for the home. Finally, this option gives you a cash pay "annuity" that continues to build as you grow your practice.
The Magnesphere™ is intended to enhance feelings of relaxation, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.